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Managed Services Provider Checklist: Essential Expectations for Your Provider

In today’s swiftly changing technological landscape, the role of IT leaders has undergone a transformation. Perspectives on IT have shifted from being mostly cost centered, to one that also sees IT as a crucial catalyst for organizational growth and achievement. Despite this shift, IT leaders frequently face difficulties in allocating time for innovation and digital transformation amid the demands of managing IT operations, overseeing employees, and working within budget constraints. Despite being consumed by operational tasks, IT leaders should actively seek solutions that enable them to prioritize strategic initiatives and drive innovation. This is where collaboration with a Managed Services Provider (MSPs) becomes invaluable.

In this blog post, we will delve into the advantages of forming partnerships with MSPs and offer a checklist of key factors to consider when choosing the ideal Manged Services Provider for your organization and business.

The Role of a Managed Services Provider

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) are essential in today’s tech-driven business environment, offering comprehensive services and support to organizations, enabling them to delegate IT infrastructure management. Here are some key responsibilities and tasks performed by MSPs:

  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery – MSPs design and execute thorough data backup and disaster recovery strategies.
  • IT Infrastructure Management – MSPs assume the responsibility of overseeing and managing an organization’s IT infrastructure, including servers, networks, storage, and other hardware components.
  • Help Desk and User Support – MSPs deliver help desk support and user assistance services, catering to employees’ IT-related issues and inquiries.
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance – MSPs utilize cutting-edge monitoring tools and techniques to proactively oversee and monitor clients’ systems and infrastructure.

Managed Services Provider’s play a crucial role in allowing organizations to prioritize their core business objectives while ensuring the efficient and secure management of their IT infrastructure and systems.

Managed Services Provider Checklist

Entrusting IT operations to a Managed Service Provider requires careful consideration as an unsuitable MSP can have detrimental effects. Therefore, evaluating the key factors before making a decision, ensures a successful partnership with the right MSP that aligns with your organization’s needs and goals.

Here is a checklist of key factors to consider when choosing a Managed Services Provider:

  • Proactive Services – An effective Managed Services Provider goes beyond reactive issue resolution by also having a clear plan for your IT development, alongside providing a range of services to proactively monitor your environment, perform necessary upgrades, apply patches, and implementing improvements, ensuring the stability and optimization of your IT infrastructure.
  • Remote and Onsite IT Support – Opt for an MSP that offers a blend of instant remote support for convenience and on-site resources that are ready to mobilize swiftly in critical situations, ensuring prompt assistance whenever it is needed.
  • Fast Service & Response Time – A leading MSP should deliver fast and near-immediate service, establishing a strong relationship that encourages a sense of belonging and teamwork. This mutual trust and respect enable a collaborative partnership, ensuring exceptional quality and satisfaction.
  • Third-party Vendor Partnerships – Confirm that your MSP has robust and diverse relationships with vendors, in consideration with the multiple solutions present in your IT environment. This ensures access to superior support and benefits, granting an advantage over other MSPs with limited vendor connections.
  • Cybersecurity Support – Prioritize security in today’s IT landscape by selecting an MSP that can provide a comprehensive and continuously updated plan to safeguard your IT assets. Ensure that your chosen MSP maintains secure incoming and outgoing connections to protect your organization’s data and systems.
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Support – your MSP should ensure the continuous security and availability of your applications and data, promptly restoring them in response to errors or cyber breaches. They should also collaborate with you to establish data and center failover mechanisms for uninterrupted business continuity.
  • Clear and Well-Defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) – Whilst fast service and response times are crucial, a reputable MSP will support their offerings with a well-defined SLA. This SLA should outline guarantees and responsibilities for regular tasks and support, ensuring clarity and accountability. Prioritize acquiring such an SLA from your chosen Managed Services Provider.
  • Compliance Support – prioritize choosing an MSP with a clear approach to implementing and staying updated with regulatory frameworks like GDPR and NIST. This helps to avoid costly fines and penalties associated with non-compliance.


Here are some questions to consider when assessing Managed Services Providers options in addition to the checklist:

  • What proactive services are included?
  • Do they provide IT Support services?
  • Are local resources available for on-site support?
  • Does the MSP guarantee issue response times, resolution rates and uptime in the SLA?
  • Do they showcase knowledge in compliance with any relevant regulatory frameworks?
  • Do they have a dedicated team that specializes in cybersecurity support?
  • What third-party vendor partnerships do they have?
  • Does the MSP offer network, data and application monitoring?
  • Do they have relevant working experience with similar infrastructure and applications?


Partnering with MSPs can offer superior alternatives to in-house data centers, aligning IT strategies with your business goals, supporting growth, and driving revenue. We hope that this advice will be valuable in making an informed decision when selecting a Managed Services Provider that best suits your business needs.

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