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Cloud & Remote Work

What Business Obstacles Are You Looking To Overcome?

By embracing the cloud, your business will transform into a contemporary workplace and give your staff the most advanced and efficient tools for collaboration and communication. The Cloud is an easily accessible, efficient substitute for the company's present storage methods.


Due to outdated technology, you may be missing out on opportunities to expand and improve your current operation.


Given the rapid advancement of technology, deciding how much to invest may be challenging.


Are your current processes inadequate for your business’ ongoing growth and limiting your opportunities for success?

Struggle to manage access?

Does everyone who works for your company have access to the files that might pose a security risk?

Be released from the limitations of badly aligned technology.

At Coastal our solutions to your cloud related issues are:

Cyber Security Training

Unlimited Flexibility

Your Cloud Services' size may be dynamically changed as necessary to account for shifts in customer demand.

Improved Transparency

Each of your work functions may have clearly defined responsibilities, facilitating straightforward communication and improving your total efficiency. Micromanagement is significantly reduced as a result.

Cloud Servers
Cloud Servers

Increased Productivity

By automating their time-consuming and laborious tasks, teams are better able to concentrate their efforts where they will have the biggest impact and reach new heights.

Cloud Collaboration

Your workers can be inspired to work together more efficiently if: The Cloud removes barriers to collaboration and communication by bringing teams together in a single workspace.

Office Worker

Delivering A Unique Approach To Remote Work.



Assess the Current Infrastructure and Requirements

The first step for an IT company in helping a business set up remote working is to assess their current infrastructure and understand their specific requirements. This involves evaluating the existing network capabilities, hardware and software systems, security measures, and internet connectivity.

Implement Remote Access Solutions

Based on the assessment, the IT company can then proceed to implement remote access solutions. This may involve setting up virtual private networks (VPNs) to establish secure connections between employees and the company's internal network. They can also deploy remote desktop or virtualization solutions, enabling employees to access their work desktops or specific applications remotely.

Strengthen Security Measures

Remote working introduces new security challenges, and it is crucial for the IT company to enhance the business's security measures to protect sensitive data and systems. They should implement multi-factor authentication to strengthen access controls, update and patch software regularly to address vulnerabilities, and deploy robust endpoint security solutions to safeguard devices used for remote work.

Provide Ongoing Support and Monitoring

Setting up remote working is not a one-time task, and the IT company should provide ongoing support and monitoring to ensure a smooth and secure remote work environment. This includes offering technical assistance to employees, troubleshooting any issues that arise, and addressing connectivity or performance problems.



Experience that speaks volumes.

Our team of experts have years of experience and can help with anything to do with cloud systems.