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Cybersecurity for Municipalities

Proactive and reliable cybersecurity that puts your people first.

Challenges Municipalities Face

Our tailored, proactive and focused IT support services are here to help your business to achieve a secure, fast and reliable IT environment that enables your team to do their best work. If you're facing IT challenges that are causing your business to lose time, money, and energy, we can help. Get in touch with Coastal today and get on the fast-track to a more powerful, efficient and reliable IT environment.

Outdated Infrastructure

Municipalities often rely on legacy systems and outdated infrastructure. These systems may have security vulnerabilities that are not easily addressed, making them attractive targets for cybercriminals.

Data Privacy Concerns

Municipalities collect and store a significant amount of sensitive citizen data. Ensuring the privacy and protection of this data is a challenge, especially with evolving data protection regulations and increased public concern about data privacy.

Emergency Services Vulnerabilities

Municipalities often manage emergency services, and any disruption to these services due to a cyber attack can have severe consequences. Protecting critical infrastructure related to emergency services is a priority.

Ransomware Attacks:

Municipalities are increasingly targeted by ransomware attacks that can encrypt critical data and demand payment for its release. Ransomware attacks can disrupt essential services and pose financial challenges for municipalities.

How We Can Help You!

We provide technical expertise with that all-important personal touch. Our friendly experts offer an all-inclusive solution, with our cybersecurity including:

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Critical Infrastructure Protection Services

This service focuses on safeguarding the critical infrastructure of municipalities, including power grids, water supply systems, and emergency services. It involves conducting risk assessments, implementing advanced intrusion detection systems, and deploying cybersecurity measures to ensure the continuous and secure operation of essential services.

This mitigates the risk of cyber threats disrupting critical infrastructure, enhances the resilience of essential services, and ensures the availability of key resources during cyber incidents.

Smart City Cybersecurity Solutions

This service is designed to educate students, faculty, and administrative staff about cybersecurity best practices. It includes training modules on recognizing phishing attempts, creating strong passwords, and understanding the importance of cybersecurity in the digital learning environment.

This reduces the likelihood of successful social engineering attacks, enhances the overall cybersecurity posture by creating a security-aware culture, and empowers stakeholders to actively contribute to the institution's cybersecurity efforts.

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Incident Response and Recovery Planning

This service focuses on preparing municipalities for effective incident response and recovery in the event of a cybersecurity breach. It involves creating customized incident response plans, conducting tabletop exercises to simulate cyber incidents, and providing training for municipal staff to ensure a coordinated and timely response.

This reduces the impact of cybersecurity incidents, minimizes downtime, and enhances the municipality's ability to recover swiftly while maintaining essential services.

Municipal Employee Cybersecurity Training

Recognizing the human element as a potential vulnerability, this service offers cybersecurity training programs specifically designed for municipal employees. It covers topics such as recognizing phishing attempts, practicing secure password management, and understanding the importance of cybersecurity in day-to-day operations.

This increases cybersecurity awareness among municipal staff, reduces the likelihood of successful social engineering attacks, and promotes a culture of cybersecurity consciousness within the organization.

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Delivering A Unique Approach To IT Support.

To offer the best value to your business, tailored solutions are a must. By understanding your business, needs and goals, we can craft an IT support package that is designed just for your business. To do this, we take the time in our process to listen to you and learn about your business, ensuring that our support empowers the success of your business. ​




We take the time to understand your business, needs and goals, so that we can design a package of solutions that can best empower your IT environment's security and productivity. Once we understand your business, we design a tailored cyber security package.

Tailored Cyber security

Based on working closely with your business, we design a customized support solution that aligns your IT environment and requirements while keeping your firm safe. This includes tailoring the security to fit the IT environment of your business, such as on-premise and cloud based support.


Once we have designed a security package that is just right for your business, we implement tools and systems that enable your IT environment to be monitored, maintained, and improved.

Ongoing Support and Monitoring

With the tools and security in place, we provide ongoing support and monitoring services to ensure the smooth functioning of your IT environment. This includes proactive monitoring of network performance, timely software updates, security patching, troubleshooting any technical issues, and our dedicated and friendly helpdesk support.



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