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Are You Being Watched? The Urgent Need for Digital Security

The 80s song “Somebody’s Watching Me” might be nostalgic for many, but its message feels even more relevant to me today. Over the past month, our Security Operation Center (SOC) has flagged three top-priority detections. Reflecting on Cybersecurity Awareness Month and looking at the FBI Internet Crime Report for 2022, which was released in the first quarter of 2023, some alarming statistics stand out: Georgia ranks 9th in total victims by state, 5th in total victim losses, 11th in count by subject (based on reports from victims), and 6th in earnings by perpetrators based on victim reports. Being in IT Security is challenging, and it’s even more so when I hear sentiments like “I’m too small”, “it won’t happen to me”, or “it doesn’t happen here”. Considering these stats, only four states in the US offer more profitable targets for cybercriminals than Georgia.

Times have undeniably changed. Now, more than ever, I find solace in knowing there’s “someone watching me.” But it’s not in the context you might think. It’s the peace of mind that someone is vigilantly monitoring to ensure neither I nor my clients are being impersonated or compromised.

Yet, the question looms: Are you being watched in the right way?

Physical security evolved from mere door locks to security systems, then to monitored alarms, and now to complex systems with cameras, motion detectors, and live monitoring. With each innovation, there remained an underlying reality: no system is entirely foolproof. Similarly, in the digital realm, basic digital security won’t suffice anymore.

If you or your company isn’t under the protection of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like ours, with layered security solutions and constant monitoring by an SOC, it’s high time you reconsider your digital security strategy. Working with an MSP that provides piecemeal solutions – perhaps just the “locks” without the “cameras” or without full monitoring – leaves gaping vulnerabilities.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Be proactive. Secure your digital realm just as vigilantly as you would your physical space. Reach out to experts like us who prioritize your security, ensuring every digital door is locked, every virtual corner is monitored, and someone is always watching over you.

Take action now. Contact us and ensure that when you lie down at night, the only thing on your mind is that catchy 80s tune – and not concerns about your digital security. 🎶 “Tell me who’s watching… Is it an MSP like us?” 🎶

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