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We’re Using a New Antivirus – VIPRE

Coastal Computer - Friday, August 12, 2016

We’re using a new antivirus called VIPRE and we’ve been happy with the results so far. On a scan of 86 machines, VIPRE detected 187 infections, potentially unwanted software, and malware – all of which were not detected by the existing antivirus.


VIPRE provides home and business antivirus, as well as protection for mobile devices for our clients that want additional peace of mind. In addition to improved threat detection, we also found that Vipre is really lean when it comes to resources. One of the main complaints about antivirus programs is that they are slow, and VIPRE is lightning fast.

VIPRE anti-malware products are developed by ThreatTrack Security Inc., a leading cybersecurity firm creating innovative advanced threat defense solutions. They released VIPRE in 2008, and they’ve been steadily improving it ever since.

What we like about VIPRE is that it goes after more than typical viruses, and includes a number of other malware and unwanted programs as part of its scans. Contact us to clean your PC or laptop today!