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Cloud Computing is Easier and Saves You Money
Feb 18, 2016

Every year we’ve heard the promises of cloud computing: “your information will be everywhere!”, “it will save you time”, “it will be more secure”....well, the bandwidth, devices, and apps are finally here to make these promises come true. +

Feb 18, 2016

Windows 10 has been out for just about a month now giving the guru’s of Microsoft products enough to get in there and start playing around. And as with any major release there are some paint points but also some welcomed new features. Here’s an overview of the experiences of a few top Microsoft experts. +

What is Sway?
Feb 18, 2016

It’s Mircrosoft’s new presentation or “Storytelling”, app, as they’ve dubbed it. Part PowerPoint, part Office Online. Sway aims to make creating presentations, projects, reports, marketing material and other business collateral easier to produce than PowerPoint with the added ability to then share or collaborate online or through the cloud seamlessly. +

Windows 10: Why you Should Wait
Feb 16, 2016

5. Security updates for Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 will be available for years +