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Cyber Essentials

What is Cyber Essentials? How to Obtain It and Why You Need It!

Cyber Essentials: What it is and how it works

Essentials is a cybersecurity certification program initiated by the UK Government. Its primary aim is to provide a baseline of essential security controls that all organizations should have in place to mitigate common cyber risks. In today's landscape, cybercriminals employ various threats, including phishing attacks, ransomware, and automated tools that scan for network vulnerabilities.

Strengthening Cyber Security Cyber Essentials Coastal

Strengthening Cybersecurity with Cyber Essentials

In today's digital landscape, cybersecurity is essential. The UK government introduced the scheme in 2014, providing businesses with five key controls to enhance their cybersecurity defenses. This two-part series introduces Cyber Essentials and its pivotal Five Key Controls, which can protect your business from 80% of cyber threats, preserving your reputation and financial stability.

Certification Levels:

Whether you're a small business owner, part of a nonprofit organization, or part of a larger enterprise, Cyber Essentials offers a framework to establish a robust cybersecurity posture. There are two certification levels:

Cyber Essentials

This self-assessment option protects against common cyberattacks. It involves implementing the Five Key Controls and providing documentation demonstrating their usage, such as a network inventory and an access control policy.

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Cyber Essentials Plus logo

Cyber Essentials Plus

This level retains the simplicity of the original but includes a hands-on technical verification. It's increasingly essential for businesses bidding for government contracts and provides practical verification of security measures.

The Five Key Controls

To obtain Cyber Essentials certification, organizations must adhere to Five Key Controls, serving as the foundation for a robust cybersecurity posture:

Secure Configuration

Configure devices and software with security in mind to minimize vulnerabilities and ensure resilience. This includes disabling unnecessary services and enabling encryption.

Boundary Firewalls & Internet Gateways

Control inbound and outbound network traffic using firewalls and gateways to prevent unauthorized access and filter out malicious content.

User Access Control

Carefully manage user access rights and privileges with strong authentication measures, regular access reviews, and 'need to know' access principles.

Patch Management

Regularly apply security updates and patches to address known vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of attacks.

Malware Protection

Employ reliable anti-malware solutions, keep them updated, and conduct comprehensive scans to detect and prevent malicious software.

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Coastal - Your Technology Partner

Unlock the power of your IT infrastructure with Cyber Essentials Discover how these essential controls can revolutionize your organization's cybersecurity posture, providing you with the confidence and capability to identify and thwart cyber threats effectively.

With Cyber Essentials, you not only safeguard your data but also build trust among your clients, partners, and stakeholders. By assuring them that these robust controls are in place, you demonstrate your commitment to their security and enhance your reputation as a trustworthy partner. Don't miss the opportunity to optimize your IT infrastructure securely.

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