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As part of our ongoing efforts to support the Coastal community, we’re donating computers to local families who are in need. Adam Casgar, our founder, describes the process, “We’re taking older machines out of working environments, checking all the hardware and prepping them for the community.

The computers are provided by local businesses after they upgrade all their systems, and also by individual clients who have either upgraded to a new machine or simply don’t want to invest in a minor repair. We choose the best systems, clean them up, replace any parts, and complete some upgrades to give them a boost!

Adam continues, “Our goal is to provide computers to local families with children so they can work on homework and complete assignments at home, and the parents can access online resources to improve their lives.”

All the computers also get a fresh installation of the Operating System so it feels like a new computer. We’re happy to do our part :) The Golden Isles are where we live and work. From our seminars on safe surfing for parents to our electronics recycling drive, we’re dedicated to supporting the Coastal community in all things IT.

Here’s a chance for you to do your part! Please help us find some local families who need a computer


You can nominate a friend, coworker, or simply someone you run into at the store every now-and-then. We give all nominations careful consideration.


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Limit one entry person. Computers are refurbished models, with a fresh installation of the latest supported operating systems. Computers will be given to recipient as is and cannot be exchanged for cash value. Any and all exchanges are at the discretion of Coastal Computer Consulting, LLC. Please contact Coastal Computer Consulting, LLC for more details.