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Closed 10/06 after 12:00PM, Closed 10/07 – Emergency Service in Effect Until Further Notice

Coastal Computer - Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Please note that Coastal Computer Consulting, LLC will be CLOSED STARTING THURSDAY at 12:00PM NOON and will be CLOSED on FRIDAY 10/07 due to the impending hurricane. There will be NO SERVICE CALLS DURING THE STORM.

Please note that service availability may be limited over the next week to ensure the safety of our technicians. EMERGENCY RATES will apply for any service calls until further notice.

We will provide further updates on service availability. See this post for information on staying up-to-date throughout the storm.

As a reminder, from this time until the storm passes, and we provide further notice, we will only be addressing high priority tickets. Please note that before, during and after the storm, we will be giving priority to our clients that are: medical facilities, first responders, law enforcement, and government organizations.

We thank you for your understanding. Ensuring the safety and continued support of our community, including those who protect and care for our community is our number one priority. Any further requests for IT or service calls will be answered in order of priority, not in the order they are received. Please save routine IT service calls until after the storm passes and the cleanup is complete.

If you have not done so, make a backup of any important data now, and follow the steps in our last post for protecting your computers and electronics.