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Can You Spare 7GB For Windows 10?
Jan 25, 2019

In the next major release of Windows, Mircosoft will be allocating 7GB of space as "reserved space"…can you spare it? +

Microsoft will be ending support for several popular products, a process known as End of Life or End of Service
Jan 17, 2019

Microsoft will be ending support for several popular products, a process known as End of Life or End of Service—potentially leaving your business exposed to a plethora of security risks, performance issues and/or taking your business out of compliance with industry regulations if you do not update. +

We're Moving to Brunswick!
Nov 08, 2018


End of Residential Service
Oct 05, 2018

Here’s a question we’ve been wrestling with for a while. How do we keep improving and adding services for our business clients without shortchanging our non-business clients who need help with home computers and personal devices? +

Don’t Get Caught in a Phishing Net
Jun 04, 2018

Phishing Blog Post
Like a puffer fish, phishing keeps expanding. New scams pop up almost daily and they’re getting more convincing. Whether you’re a business operator, an employee, or at home surfing the net, you can be targeted—and probably have been already.  +

Gadgets to Watch for in 2017
Jan 03, 2017

Every year the major tech hardware and software players to try one-up their competition while trying to best themselves at the same time, and in some cases trying to survive in the marketplace. From Samsung trying to bounce back after an explosive year (figuratively and literally), Google making a big play into the hardware realm to VR (virtual reality) potentially coming into its own, 2017 promises not to disappoint tech junkies and gadget enthusiasts. +

Closed 10/06 after 12:00PM, Closed 10/07 – Emergency Service in Effect Until Further Notice
Oct 05, 2016

Please note that Coastal Computer Consulting, LLC will be CLOSED STARTING THURSDAY at 12:00PM NOON and will be CLOSED on FRIDAY 10/07 due to the impending hurricane. There will be NO SERVICE CALLS DURING THE STORM. +

Hurricane Matthew IT Alert - How to Protect Your Computers and Contact Us
Oct 05, 2016

In the first of a series of posts, we are providing information on how to prepare for the impending hurricane and how you will be able to communicate with us before, during and after the storm. Throughout the next 48 hours, and over the course of the next week, we will make additional posts to update you on service availability. +

We’re Using a New Antivirus – VIPRE
Aug 12, 2016

We’re using a new antivirus called VIPRE and we’ve been happy with the results so far. On a scan of 86 machines, VIPRE detected 187 infections, potentially unwanted software, and malware – all of which were not detected by the existing antivirus. +

Nerds Pay It Forward – Giving Back with Random Acts of Kindness
Jul 20, 2016

Throughout the month of August, members of the Coastal Computer Consulting team will be “paying it forward” and proving that nerds have a heart too! +